Eco yarns, cotton selvedges

Eco yarn

Eco yarn

Cotton selvedges, polyester cord, recycled cotton yarn, LP carpet yarn and jute. A variety of materials suitable for weaving and crocheting mats, rugs, furnishings and other decorative accessories. Our eco yarns Eko, Lilli and Mini are all made from recycled cotton. Now all you have to do is to decide whether to weave, knit or crochet!


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Lilli eco yarn

150.00 kr

Eco yarn

150.00 kr

Mini eko-yarn

150.00 kr

Cotton Tricot, Black

80.00 kr / kg

Muhku wool yarn

280.00 kr

LP rug yarn

from 65.00 kr / kg

Thick linen yarn

125.00 kr
1 kg = 250.00 kr

Felted wool yarn

243.00 kr
1 kg = 270.00 kr

Veera tow linen

155.00 kr
1 kg = 310.00 kr


150.00 kr